Brunei! Is that a country in the Middle East? (A nostalgic look back to where it all began)

  Brunei? Is that a country in the Middle East? I wondered when the man from the recruitment agency in London told me about the job. A 3-month position, with all expenses paid and a competitive salary, it didn’t really matter to me where it was, it seemed a better alternative than looking for accommodation … Continue reading

Saigon Story

I have been living in Saigon since September teaching at another International School. Saigon is proving a great place to live. It is a city that gets under your skin, in the same way that a hit of the local caffeine will make you wide-eyed and alert, Saigon is a city that is buzzing. Although … Continue reading

London Calling! A teacher’s tale

If it is variety you are looking for supply teaching in London is a hard gig to beat. Monday you could be teaching Victorian History to a class of 10-year olds and by Friday you can be glorified crowd control in a Math class of testosterone filled, hormonal teens, whose only remotely academic concern is … Continue reading

Off The Rails! (All aboard the Trans-Siberian)

Europe is many things, stylish, sophisticated, civilised and fashionable, however one thing I have missed here is that it is NOT as entertaining as Asia. I can get a good espresso on every corner, but where are the wriggling scorpions on the skewers awaiting the BBQ? I can travel in air-conditioned comfort in German-made luxury vehicles, but where are the … Continue reading

Slow Boat Through China

In moments of crisis, confusion and chaos, my first reaction is to laugh. Considering this laughter is usually directed either at myself (for my own idiotic actions) or at other people, it should not have been a surprise for me to discover that travelling in the world’s most populous nation would be an altogether hilarious experience! Ordering a … Continue reading

The Great Indochina Loop

Xin Chao! South East Asia, where crossing the road is an extreme sport, policeman offer to sell you their badges for US$15, customs officials partake in corruption when it suits, you can buy an operational AK 47 at a local market, motorbikes are used as family wagons, you drink your take away coke from a plastic bag, construction workers scale … Continue reading

Lazy In Laos

Having a great time in the land of smiles, in short the food is delicious, the people divine and the driving diabolical (think driving in a Formula One race, in an unregistered Hilux, in the opposite direction, by a South-East Asian equivalent of Jacki Chan!). I high-tailed my way to Bangkok by overnight train after … Continue reading

South America

Hola Amigos, It has not sunk in as yet BUT I will be home on Aussie soil NEXT WEEK……… GULP!!!!! 18 months and 10 days since leaving.  Very excited to see you all. Now in South America  and having a great time. The experience has been entertaining and adventurous, and if i never see chicken and … Continue reading

Wanted ONE husband….must be Canadian!

In response to numerous emails of concern, (mostly of the nature ” where the hell are you??” )I have been compelled to fill you in on my whereabouts should the search parties be sent out  …… yes i am alive and well. Still living and working here in Banff, Alberta and loving it.  Unfortunately my … Continue reading

Ca Va? Ca VA? Moments in Montreal

Bonjour, Hello, G’day……………… Greetings from a very chilly downtown Montreal, where the temp. at present is a rather warm MINUS 4 degrees C.         Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Since arriving in Canada in August, the girls and i have managed to do a bit of travelling and sight seeing. We took an overnight 24 hour train to what … Continue reading

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