Africa In Review: Part 3 ….and the Ugly!

THE UGLY: The compromises Namely……. A SOCIAL LIFE It is truth universally acknowledged (in Africa at least) that a single white women whether in possession of fortune or not, must be in want of a husband, fair game? Oh how Jane Austen would disagree. Forgive me for being cynical but if a man asks me on … Continue reading

Africa In Review: Part 2 The Good, the Bad….

THE GOOD: What I will miss: 1. THE TANZANIAN PEOPLE: In particular, their insatiable sense of humour. And how they can be so jovial at any hour, despite the circumstances. Whether it be at 7am in the morning catching the bus to work or while sucking fuel out of a gas tank of a vehicle … Continue reading

Africa in Review: Part 1: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

There is nothing quite like dropping the statement “I am moving to Africa” into a conversation to bring complete speechlessness to others. I remember telling people when the topic came up, and their reaction was universally the same. Complete silence. Followed by an open mouth with no words coming out, inevitably followed by an attempt … Continue reading

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